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I was born in Caniço and spent my childhood in Madeira. After my school years and studies and a years of working experience on my home island I moved to the UK to live there for nearly 20 years.

In 2006 I returned back to my home, Madeira island.

As a Madeirense I know this island very well and I would love share this with you.

Whether you would like to live or to retire here in Madeira, just take your time and browse these pages. I am a successful real estate agent an have properties for sale and for rent in Madeira and Porto Santo. I would love to spupport you in finding you the right property. As I am about to enhance my website up, you will not find everything on my website yet. You are more than welcome to contact me for any further information under the following email adress and telephone number:

Please click on the following  link here to send me an email ►Email or use mailto:zefreitas12@netmadeira.com.  

Tel (Mobile): +351 962302468


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